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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has JVCS been in existence?

The first day of school was in September, 1957, with the first graduation class in 1959. Starting as a high school only, JVCS added a Jr. High in 1979, the grade school in 1981 and the preschool in 2000.

2. What church are you connected with?

We are an interdenominational, incorporated school governed by a board which is elected by cooperative members.

3. How much is tuition?

Tuition rates are based on the age of the student and how many children you have attending JVCS. A tuition rate chart is available when you contact us..

4. Can I get financial aid?

Yes. Financial aid is available on the basis of need. Apply here or call the school for an application.

5. What curriculum is used at JVCS and what is its focus?

Curriculum in the elementary is from Abeka, Bob Jones, ACSI, and other Christian publishers. Our classes are taught from a biblical worldview. Most curriculum is from Christian publishers, but even when it isn't, the teachers keep the focus on biblical truth.

6. How does JVCS differ from public schools?

Educationally, we are able to teach subjects from a Christian worldview, based on the teachings of the Bible. We also desire to reinforce the Christian morals and ethics that are taught at home and church.

7. How many students are currently enrolled at JVCS?

At the start of the 2019-20 school year, we enrolled 31 students in our preschool program and 200 students from K-12th grade. Our teacher to student ratio is about 1:11.

8. What do you teach for the arts?

Our music program of band and choir is well established and provides private lessons at no extra cost to students. We also have an active oral interpretation program and an award-winning drama program. In addition, we have student ministry opportunities, yearbook, National Honor Society, student council and a senior class play.

9. How about sports?

JVCS offers soccer, cross-country, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, cheerleading, track, and golf.

10. Do I have to be religious to attend school at JVCS?

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is something we desire for each student to have. While we see in the Bible that God desires obedience to His Word, which is often seen as "religious," we hope that our focus will be on helping each student understand who Jesus Christ is, understand his love and accept His grace.

11. Are you accredited?

Absolutely! From the day of its inception, founders insisted that JVCS be a fully accredited school. Every teacher is certified. We are also part of the Association of Christian Schools International.

12. How can we be involved in our child's education?

Parents are involved in their child's education long before they enter a classroom. The best way for a parent to be involved is by living and teaching godly morals and absolutes, a respect for authority beginning with God, and a love for learning. Involvement once the child is in school, comes through prayer, volunteer work, classroom projects, field trips, and regular contact with the child's teachers.