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History & Highlights

1955 – May 16 – The James Valley Christian High School was formed.


1957 – September 3 was the opening day with 19 students in grades 9–11. Tuition was $25 a month.


1958 – July 13 – A groundbreaking service was held for a new community and school auditorium. The total cost of the project was $56,724.40


1959 – May – The first James Valley Christian High School graduation was held with seven graduates.


1960 – We had our first struggle with flooding. From April 1-8 classes were held at Bethel Church.


1962 – The James River flooded again. The building was sandbagged and later a dike was built along the river.


1969 – The James River flooded again. The dike was sandbagged and carefully patrolled for possible leaks.


1972 – February – The entire school was destroyed by fire. Classes were held at Byron Bible Camp.


1972 – Fall – Construction of a new steel facility was started consisting of 9 classrooms, auditorium, kitchen and office space. The building was 22,000 sq. ft. and cost $192,616.00. The general contractor was Huron Steel Structures.


1973 – January – We moved into the new building.


1978 – A superintendent’s house was built.


1979 – The 7th and 8th grades were added. The building mortgage was paid.


1981 – Kindergarten–6th grades were added. Consider-able remodeling was done to accommodate the students.


1982 – Two portable elementary classrooms were added.


1991 – Construction on a 6-classroom elementary wing and office area was started. The addition amounted to 9,750 sq. ft. and cost about $550,000.


1992 – January – We moved into the elementary wing and office addition.


1997 – April 6 – The entire campus was flooded destroying most of the school.


1998 – November 8 – A groundbreaking service was held for our new facility being constructed on the north edge of Huron.


2000 – August – Moved into our new facility. The first day of classes was on August 23 with 154 students. Two preschool classes were added that year as well.


2006-07 – JVCS celebrated the 50th anniversary of the school throughout the year culminating with a special week-end of events held June 29, 30 and July 1, 2007.


2007 – July – A note-burning ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon as part of the JVCS 50th Anniversary Celebration. An offering was taken during the Sunday morning worship service that covered the remaining amount owed on the new facility. PRAISE THE LORD!


2007 – Air conditioned the gymnasium.


2015 – Air conditioning completed throughout facility.


2017 – JVCS celebrates 60 years of Christian education.


2018 – JVCS breaks ground for the addition of an auditorium and practice gymnasium


2020 - JVCS holds dedication ceremony for the addition.